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Photoshop Screen Printing Videos

New Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Screen Printing Videos!

Helpful videos on using Photoshop, tips, techniques along with installation videos, how to print films and more!
A 4 hour training video is also available with the trial download or on the registered users page following purchase.

install ultraseps windowsInstall Help UltraSeps – Windows

This video covers the installation of UltraSeps v2 color separation software on Windows computers. It goes into detail on checking the installation and that all components were correctly placed. For those who experience any difficulty with installing UltraSeps on a Windows computer, I highly recommend this video.

install ultraseps macintoshInstall Help UltraSeps – Macintosh

This video covers the installation of UltraSeps v2 color separation software on Macintosh computers. It goes into detail on checking the installation and that all components were correctly placed. For those who experience any difficulty with installing UltraSeps on a Macintosh computer, I highly recommend this video.

authorizing unlocking ultrasepsUnlocking – Authorizing UltraSeps

This video covers how to unlock – authorize your copy of UltraSeps v2 color separation software on Windows and Macintosh computers. For those who experience any difficulty with unlocking UltraSeps on their system, I highly recommend this video. Only those who have purchased a copy of UltraSeps Color Separation Software may request an unlock code.

halftones without rip softwarePrinting Films Without A RIP

This video covers printing film positives containing halftones directly from any version of Adobe Photoshop without the need of dedicated RIP software. It also covers the minor differences between newer and older Photoshop versions when printing films and covers printing solid spot color and index separations.

print film positives illustratorPrinting Photoshop Separations Using Illustrator

Video details exactly how to print multi-channel color separations done within Adobe Photoshop using Illustrator. It reviews several ways to accomplish this in addition to covering potential problems, questions and errors. It should be quite helpful to those newer to the process.

apply image photoshop channelsUsing The Apply Image Function Of Photoshop

Basic overview of using Apply Image in Adobe Photoshop to add or subtract another channel to the white underbase. For example, adding some of the Red Channel to the base so the red ink prints brighter on a black t-shirt. A great video for beginners and for those with little knowledge of this powerful function.

photoshop color range toolPhotoshop Creative Cloud Color Range Bug!

This video demonstrates a bug with the Color Range function of Adobe Photoshop beginning with the first version of Creative Cloud and how to fix it. The bug results in Photoshop not responding to plugins, scripts or actions to deselect Invert in Color Range. This problem results in inverted, solid and void channels when running an automated process such as a color separation. The fix is very simple.

white underbase screen printingAdjusting White Underbase If Art Fades Off Into Nothing Or Contains An Excessive Edge Glow

How to adjust the edges of a white underbase that contains excessive ink along the edges that reach beyond the top colors. This is a major problem with art that fades off into the shirt if using color separation software or not when generating the underbase.

vintage distress texture t-shirtApply Vintage Texture To A Finished Color Separation

How to apply a vintage distress texture or other knockout effect to a completed t-shirt color separation done within Photoshop. Also how to add the texture to the white underbase somewhat differently to provide the optimum results on press. This is the most accurate method of doing so within a t-shirt screen printing environment.

duotone color separations t-shirtsDuotone Color Separation Software

Video discusses how to use Duotone Seps By UltraSeps to create perfect duotone separations in seconds that look great on t-shirts and are easy to print.

Duotones are great for a different look and super for pre-print lines.

print photo on t-shirtPrinting A Photo Using White Ink Only

Video details one of the correct methods of converting a color or grayscale image to print as white ink only to a black or dark t-shirt.

Although really not a part of UltraSeps, we get asked this question quite often.

merging spot color channelsMerging Spot Color Channels in Adobe Photoshop

In-depth video discusses how to reduce the number of colors in a t-shirt color separation and the proper use of the Apply Image function of Photoshop.

A must see, especially for those newer to color separation as knowing how to merge channels is vital.

photoshop for screen printingPhotoshop CC 2015 Bug Repair

Video discusses several major bugs with Photoshop CC 2015 although appears to have been fixed beginning with CC 2015.5. Covers the damaged white underbase and highlight channel issue (if a problem on your system) and also the Command Move Error when running separations. We’ll provide examples of the issues and how to easily resolve them.

banding film positivesSometime large gradients from Illustrator or CorelDraw files can produce banding in Photoshop

Many artists like to create images in vector programs such as Illustrator or CorelDraw and apply large gradient blends or fades to white within the art. The problem with this is banding may occur within Photoshop once separated. This short video reviews the issue, why it occurs and also provides a quick fix when needed.

reset preferences photoshopManually Reset Photoshop Preferences – Windows

Resetting the preferences file of Adobe Photoshop by deleting it can repair many strange operational errors such as blank spot color channels and other random errors that can’t be explained. A few errors specific to running color separations that indicate a damaged Photoshop Preferences File is discussed in the video, however if your copy of Photoshop is exhibiting strange behavior, deleting the Preferences can often fix the issue.

Video pertains to Windows only. See our Support Page for resetting preferences on a Macintosh as it only requires a keyboard shortcut at startup.

diamond plate effect t-shirtsSeamless Diamondplate Software – FREE

This video illustrates our free Diamond Plate Seamless Fill Photoshop Actions. It also illustrates how to use them and also the various features of the Action that includes different sizes of seamless diamond plate fills in five colors.

Most should find this free actions set very useful!

skin repair photoshop action freeSkin Repair Action – FREE

Skin Repair Pro makes it easy to retouch skin using Photoshop and to maintain a very natural look. The action is a free download and is sure to be a welcome addition to your Photoshop toolbox. Some other uses for this highly effective action include smoothing rough images, assisting in fixing poor quality art, etc.