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About UltraSeps Color Separation Software

ultraseps v3 color separation software

UltraSeps v2 takes the original UltraSeps to the next level of power, speed and simplicity.

Whereas UltraSeps 1 was basically a highly advanced, further automated, feature packed and polished version of QuikSeps Professional, our highly acclaimed and successful color separation program released during April of 2009. UltraSeps v2 kicks it up a notch or two higher.

Comparison data between UltraSeps and QuikSeps Pro can be found here and unlike new versions of most software products, the differences between the two are quite substantial.

The first version of our software was released in 2000 and as of 2018, we have a global user base of well over 10,000 with about 24,000 licensed installs.

Interesting to note is that our current user base as of 2018 of over 10,000 worldwide was accomplished without any formal advertising, trade show appearances or dealer networks. So we must be doing something right.

UltraSeps offers everything a screen printer or artist could possibly ask for or need within a color separation program. In fact, if the program doesn’t do it, most likely you’ll never need it!

Although UltraSeps offers so much, its not about the quantity of features, its all about the “quality” of the functions. After exhaustive engineering and testing, we’ve concluded that no other program can come remotely close to matching it.

Although UltraSeps is triggered by Photoshop Actions, most of the Actions are used as a switch which enable external programs. In fact, UltraSeps runs from over 100 Java based applications and Automation Plugins. Some of these can actually think and make decisions based on your art. The use of external programs that employ advanced logic permits UltraSeps to accomplish tasks not possible with Photoshop alone.

UltraSeps also includes an extensive video in excess of 4 hours which not only provides an in-depth overview of the program and step-by-step tutorial, but also many tips and tricks to get the most out of it and Photoshop. All files used within the video are included with UltraSeps.

Please take a look at the UltraSeps website for complete information on the product, watch the demo video, download the trial version, check out the User Guide and see for yourself how powerful and easy-to-use UltraSeps is!

Remember, for those not requiring the advanced engineering, performance and features of UltraSeps, we continue to offer QuikSeps Professional as an alternative. www.quikseps.com

UltraSeps is developed, sold and supported by Steve Roginski, a 30 year screen printing industry veteran and Photoshop expert.

Throughout the years I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of the imprinted sportswear and graphics industry and was among the first to embrace computer generated design during its infancy in the mid 80’s.

I’ve owned both small and large screen printing organizations, have designed a countless number of shirts and printed millions of them, everything from basic jobs to highly complex.

I look forward to helping your business succeed by advancing the capabilities of your art department with UltraSeps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thank You!

Steve Roginski
UltraSeps Developer

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