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Demo Video UltraSeps Color Separations

Got 40 Minutes To Kill?
Then sit back and watch our demo video!

Below the main video are certain parts of it broken into shorter segments.
This video was produced using the original UltraSeps.  Version 2 contains many new features and ease of use enhancements.  Simulated #3, the newest addition to UltraSeps is not showcased in the video below.

Main 40 Minute Full Demo Excluding Simulated #3

Simulated Process Color

Process Color – CMYK Demo

Index Color Demo

Spot Color Demo

Specialty Separations Demo

Flesh & Earthtone Color Demo

Draw – Sketch & Cartoon Effect Demo

Printing Film Positives Without A RIP Demo

Repair & Enhance Images Demo

Custom Register Marks Demo

Printing Film Positives With Adobe Illustrator

Discharge Ink Separations Demo