So, just how good is UltraSeps?
We Receive Stuff Like This Every Day!

A Sampling Of Notes From Users - In No Particular Order - I Easily Could List Thousands!

Just want you to know that UltraSeps is a Great Product. I was sent a design to separate that included 10 different oil paintings, all with different color schemes. Every approach I knew to separate this wasn’t cutting it and I thought we we were going to turn the client away.

I did an internet search, found and downloaded UltraSeps v2 and within an hour I had a separation that worked and required adjusting only one channel. This was more than enough to sell both me and my boss on your software.

I’d like mention that I’ve been doing separations for screen printing since 1992. Started with cutting amberlith & making films in the darkroom followed by graduating to computers.

Over the years I’ve tried many other color separation programs and was “unimpressed” with all of them, well, until finding your program UltraSeps v2.

Jeff Wright - Art Director / ACP & Associates

Did my first film output of a separation done using UltraSeps. I have to say that I am absolutely blown away! I'm kicking myself for not making the leap earlier. Thanks for a quality product, you are a life saver.

Ron Baker

First let me say that I am amazed at your willingness to help and at how quickly you respond. As I said, I've been at this a LONG time and I have designed for every major owner, driver and crew in the racing industry, NASCAR, Asphalt, Drag, Dirt, Motorcycle, whatever. If it rolls, floats, or flies I've done it.

Thank you again for your support and for creating this amazing separation program. Some day I'm going to send you some samples of the art that I do that I am now separating for my clients with UltraSeps.

Ron Hicks - Off Center Entertainment

I absolutely love your software. I had to use another, and considerably more expensive color separation program in an emergency the other day and the customer rejected the results!

Kenneth Smith - DFW Ink

We recently purchased a copy of your most awesome program UltraSeps v2 and I have been playing with it since. I have to tell you that I'm glad people like yourself exist as you just made our lives just that much easier and better. Loving the program! Great work and thank you.

Chris Willison - Sacred Trendz

I'm excited to start using UltraSeps. The trial was really impressive much better than the other programs I’ve used!

Randy Hamm - Active Impressions

Thanks for making such a great separation program. I love the product and it helps me every day.

Doug McBain - Lighthouse Graphics

Thanks again and your product UltraSeps is incredible. It’s vastly better than other ones I have tried.

Shannon Neal - Seven Story Clothing Company

UltraSeps is a Great product Steve, plus your tutorials are fantastic!

Alan Buffington - Murakami Screen USA

I must compliment you on how user friendly you have made UltraSeps and the training video. Your passion for creating software that will help screen printers all over the world is highly commendable. Thank you again!

Jogi Makhani

Thank you for your quick response, UltraSeps is a fantastic product all the reviews about your customer service are true! I look forward to using UltraSeps every day!

Edward Clay

Thank you very much for your help and this insanely great program! You should work at the beach because you and UltraSeps are a lifesaver!

Sasha Medina

All together we use UltraSeps v2 everyday at our shop and love it. Our portfolio has improved greatly since putting it into play here. Great product!

Zach - Union Press

Thank you so much for everything. We live and die by the seps UltraSeps provides. Your insight and expertise is very important to us.

Tracy - Poetic License Printing

We love UltraSeps here and your tech support is great!

Brian Mungavin - Rush Order Tees

When I'm out in the field doing machinery installations, I mostly see UltraSeps being used.

M&R Install Technician

I am loving my UltraSeps! Please keep me posted on anything new you have coming out as I want to support your company. I’m a big fan!

Tim Rice - Last One Standing Apparel

Just wanted to say "Thank You"! UltraSeps is working perfectly.
Thank you for your support as always, couldn't produce beautiful work without you.

Theresa - Monstro Graphics

Thank you for your time and thanks again for creating such an awesome product, I don't know what we'd do without it!

Scott McClure - Full House Merchandise

Hi Steve. Love the new Duotone Sep program I just purchased this week.
BTW, UltraSeps v2 is the best sep program on the market. I have been using Fast Films the last 10 + years but have discovered that UltraSeps is far superior and use your program daily. Keep up the great work!

George Mojica - Geodsign

I use UltraSeps almost daily at work, thanks for this great tool.
Separations that used to be daunting and time consuming, are now actually fun and our screenprinters get great results.

Jan Untiedt

I've been in this business for 25 years. UltraSeps is really a top-notch
separation tool. Thank you for a stellar product.

Mike Norse - Work Designs

My first separation using UltraSeps was approved on press by the customer (Nascar) and I am really impressed with your program. I had merged magenta and red and curved back the black and went straight to the rip/CTS. I am very pleased for knowing so little about this process. The potential is through the roof. You obviously know your product and needs of our industry very well.

Mike Hoey - MJ Soffe

FYI, I own a copy of the Corel based sep program......there is no comparison with yours. I have cut almost 100 files with yours and have always been happy with the ease of use and color match.

Ken Myers

Your program UltraSeps is totally awesome and I haven't even scratched the surface as to what it can really do!

Winfred Ho - Hocus Pocus Screen Printing Hawaii

First of all, I'd like to say that UltraSeps is the best addition I have ever integrated into my Photoshop workflow. The color separation actions perform flawlessly and some of the non-color separation features, such as the Quikdraw we use on a daily basis. We have also had much success using the Quad and Tritone color separations in several of our product lines. Wonderful job assembling this my friend.

Daniel Carton - Adidas - Reebok Group

Thank you Steve. I absolutely love this software. Makes my life so much easier as I am using it all the time now. Does many of the tasks I used to do by hand or meticulously in Photoshop or Illustrator. Thank you for your contribution to the computer graphics world!

John Westmore - Kola's LLC

We did an 8 color of a race car last week, came out just great, only had to tweak 2 channels. UltraSeps is a Great program!

Steve Bremmer - Imprint Graphics

UltraSeps has been a home run for us and a real time saver!

Chris Harms - West Coast Artworks

I have been a registered user of UltraSeps for a few years now and it's a "must have"!
Thank you for all that you do.

John Bland - American Wrestler

We have been very pleased and impressed with Ultra seps and we have gained work through its use. Thanks for a great product!.

Stuart Potts - Adder Screenprint Ltd.

Having great success with your product! It has really expanded our art department's capabilities and confidence.

Steve Deyo - Jamestown Cycle Shop

Thank you sir! Your software rocks, and you are very knowledgeable!

Paul Michalski - PDM Studios

UltraSeps has been great for my business and I am learning something new about all the features every day. Thanks so much!

Derek - Cotton's Printing

Thank you so much again for an awesome product and outstanding service that backs it up!!

Pat Gibson

Thank you so much Steve! Your software is awesome!

Nick Fasnacht Illustration & Design

We just purchased UltraSeps for my iMac. I’ve been very impressed with the product!

Tim Connors - PrintMaster

I've been using your UltraSeps program for several years now and I really like it!

Jeff Dillard - The Dugout Sportswear

I bought your software 2 or 3 years ago and I have been very pleased with it! We couldn't do many of the jobs we get without it.

Clay Gilliam

Thank you for UltraSeps! Its great software to be working with and I wish I'd have found it sooner!

Robert Townsend - Ka-Tet Designs

Thanks A lot! UltraSeps is a Great Program and you are Genius!

Jason Humber - Custom Plaques Trophies & Screen Printing

Well, I have been using UltraSeps for a couple of months now and all I can say is WOW!. So far the separations I have made using UltraSeps have been better (you heard right, better) than the separations I have paid professional color separators to do for me in the past. Why send out a color separation job and pay $100? Save your money and buy UltraSeps instead.

Preston Hunt - ShopCal Software

We’ve had UltraSeps for a bit over a month and it has more than paid for itself in time savings alone. We’ve processed about a half dozen Sim-Process jobs and a couple of CMYK runs and the separations have been great! I especially like that it runs as a plug-in so we don’t lose the editing ability while pulling the separations.

Adam Smith - Lucky Prints

Loving your software a ton!

Kenan - Excelsior Digital Apparel

Thanks guys, I love your program and am so glad we bought it!

Marc Guerrero - Big Rhino Screen Printing

UltraSeps software is really amazing and we have found it to be very useful.

Amber Hill - Triple Crown Products

I love this sep program... hate to loose it even for a day!

Chiara Robinson - Graphics Supervisor - Silkworm, Inc.

Thank you Steve. Your program is amazing!

Dan Davis - Screen Print Films

Just dropping a line again and saying thanks once again for UltraSeps. Incredible product and great support.

Joseph Kruger

We’ve been using the trial version of UltraSeps for the past 2 weeks and I have to say its a GREAT product and have decided to buy it!

Tudor Lloyd - Flood Print LTD.

I've been printing for 30 years and I can tell that your software is done really well.

Anthony Blunda - AB Tees

We have been printing for Nike since 1999 and lately some of their art is in need of simulated process. We would once struggle with this type of art but since using your software UltraSeps, the seps are great. Its like a miracle!

Ghufran Tareen - Style Textile LTD.

I have to admit after using UltraSeps over the years, its by far the best program I've ever used to product the best looking t-shirts around. Thanks again for such a great product.

Jim Hartman - Hartman's Print Center

I've just starting using UltraSeps and its AWESOME!

Gary Williams - Almighy Tees Screen Printing

Thank you do much. Your software is great!

Kevin Pavlak

I absolutely love your software!. It makes non-expert separators like!

Lemorris Harris

I really appreciate being able to use UltraSeps and I think its great!

Jose Perez - Buffalo Specialties

Hi Steve, many thanks! Just want you to know that UltraSeps is really great and I'm having a super time using it. You must get tremendous satisfaction from developing such a fantastic product.

Patrick Le Roux - Melbourne Australia

UltraSeps is an amazing and great program!

Mark Russell - Island Xpertees

Thank you Steve, Really like your programs!

Steve Kuennen

I have just downloaded and installed Ultra Seps and I have to admit that I'm very impressed with the program!

Jim Fonesca

We have been telling everyone about UltraSeps. Its amazing!

Jim Kauhi - Morning Sun Art Dept.

Your software is incredible! It has proved to be an invaluable tool for us.
You, my friend are utterly brilliant!

Andy Pinckney - ASP Screen Printing

I love the software and with the help of it, have become the sole separator for the entire global apparel division of Converse! I am amazed everyday how easy to use and adaptable UltraSeps is. Thanks again!

Tyson Schenk

I own QuikSeps, QuikSeps Pro, UltraSeps and now have UltraSeps v2. We use many different approaches to achieve the prints we desire for each customer and all of these programs have paid for themselves many times over. Thanks Steve, I appreciate all the work that goes into your excellent software.

Bill Grogg - Grogg's Graphics

You have the best color separation software out there. By a mile! Keep up the good work!

Chris Angeles - Half & Half Printing

Thanks for making great software such a bargain! I also love all the info and notes, they are very well thought out.

Carl - Sign Monkey

Thank you so much Steve for making this awesome product!

Aaron Townsend - Townsend Printing

UltraSeps has saved us an immense amount of time in our art department! The results we get using it exceed our expectations.

Safari Sun Screen Printing

Hey Steve, I'm sure you already know how awesome your software is. I'm having a renewed excitement using the new UltraSeps v2 in 64 bit mode on my new iMac. I ran some grayscale seps and each took less than 45 seconds to run and 5 minutes tops to make a few minor adjustments. They printed beyond my expectations. Thanks again!

Rick Miller

I've used QuikSeps Professional for a few years at my company QCS Graphics and have since bought UltraSeps a few months ago. All I can say is I absolutely love it!

Dan Sauerwald

Always great support for an outstanding product!

Mike Norse - Work Designs

Just want to say thank you again for your software. UltraSeps is an awesome product!

James Sommerville

Thank you for offering this software. We love it and depend on it every day!

Xenia Printing & Advertising

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the awesome software and support. In the last few weeks since I purchased and got to know UltraSeps a little, I ran 2 sim process and 1 CMYK job with an underbase. I used UltraSeps for all the separations and the results were amazing!

With two of the jobs, the customer was turned away by other screen printers who said the graphics could not be screen printed due to too many colors and I was easily able to pull all of them off with my six color press. The software has paid for itself already. Thanks for the awesome product.

Medina Screen Printing

My name is Chris Ithen, owner of Ithen Global. I purchased UltraSeps from you a while back. I don't believe we have spoken since. Your UltraSeps software is pure genius. You have saved me and my art staff an unbelievable amount of time and stress. I can’t thank you enough for that!

Chris Ithen

I have just today downloaded my UltraSeps v2 and all I have to say is this is a freaking awesome tool! Thank you for creating such a great and useful plugin.

Peter Austin

Just letting you know your software UltraSeps is great!

Jose Perez - Buffalo Specialties

You guys are amazing! I absolutely love your product and it has changed the way I work!

Tyson Schenk

Just want to say thank you for a great product. I've been in the industry for 36 years and have purchased and tried them all. And by far UltraSeps is the best!!! Keep up the great work.

George Mojica

This is one damn impressive product!

Mike Ince

Just bought it and its the best separation software I have used. Ease of usage is great. I have tried Separation Studio, the other one from Scott Fresener and a few others. UltraSeps was the easiest to use and learn. Awesome product and even better service and support.

Elite Team Supply

Thank you for your software. Its wonderful!

Dennis Hecq - Printbox Belgium

Just want you to know that UltraSeps did an incredible job color separating the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt design. Thanks for all the help!

Culture Studio

I've just started using UltraSeps Version 2 and I must say this is wonderful software!

Abidas Franca

QuikSeps and now UltraSeps are the main reason why I was able to take my printing to the next level.

Killer Graphics

UltraSeps has really upped the quality of my designs and separations. Thank you!

Doxa Print

Having great success using this wonderful software tool. Love it! Thanks!

Jon Westmore - Tucson Graphic Works

I have tried other software and it does a good job. When I use UltraSeps, it does a fantastic job! The other products are not a one click pony that will hit the "close enough" range that most would use. UltraSeps is! Once in Photoshop I just run UltraSeps on the art and I have the separations I need that produce the colors I need.


UltraSeps has been a HUGE help to us. Thank you for creating such a great and easy to use program!

Image Depot Express

Love your product! Great color separation software!

John Wilson - Rimshot Graphix

UltraSeps is incredibly powerful software!  You did a magnificent job creating this beast.  You have a huge winner on your hands.

Raphael Cohen

Been using UltraSeps almost a year. The program has been great for us. But what has really been a major thumbs up was the support. If we got voice mail if calling, Steve the creator always called back to help us out. That alone was worth the price. You just don't get that kind of support these days with anything.

Kustom Tees

Absolutely love the product.  Expect a few more requests from printers in South Africa.  I've deleted all actions from T-Seps and no longer use it.  The discharge sep addition is a huge plus too. 

Bruce - ColourFast

Thanks for the great product! UltraSeps is the best!

Dylan - A.S.P.S. A Small Print Shop Co.

I purchased UltraSeps a few months ago for my company Big Bark Shirts and Design. I have been loving it! Its really improved our shops production greatly! Just got a new work computer and are installing the works onto it! Thanks in advance.

Big Bark Shirts and Design

And I thought QuikSeps Pro was good? This UltraSeps blows it away. Seps are looking great and all the new features are just incredible. What's next?

Rick - Zone2

Your software is the best. By far better than anything else I've used!

Arman Minapour

More than satisfied and the video was a big help. The gray scale separations are just amazing and good advice on using a dark charcoal and not black for some gray scale jobs. Nice to be able to install on both Windows and Macs as I use both.

Lancer Promos

UltraSeps is simply unbelievable!

Denise St. John - St. John Artworks

Thanks Steve! Works Perfect! Let me just tell you that I think "UltraSeps" is awesome! This is First Class Software and you should be very proud. It does everything I need plus so much more. Keep up the good work!

Neal Fuselier

Hi Steve. After a few weeks using UltraSeps, what am I suppose to do with the other color separation software I own? LOL! Honestly, I have no use for it. Great job!

Rachael Steiner

I purchased QuikSeps about 5 years ago and loved it. Bought QuikSeps Professional and now own UltraSeps. I love it! But more importantly my customers love the prints we achieve from using it.

Bill G

UltraSeps is a great peace of separation software.  I've tried them all and own a few of them, FastFilms (T-Seps), SquareDot, Spot Process and even bought some lower grade stuff on Ebay. But yours, UltraSeps is "by far" better and easier, and all in one box.  It works like a charm!

Enio DePaula

Steve, it must have taken forever to write this thing! Man, its the bomb, I feel sorry for the other guys trying to sell their software with UltraSeps out there. Fantastic Job!

Ely Martin

Hey Steve just caught your twitter post. Gotta tell ya, the process color separations in your software is like amazing. We use it all the time on tough jobs on lights. Sometime add a spot color. Its like can't miss and process can be a bitch. Keep us up to date on what's coming out next.

Buffalo Print

Quite formidable software friend. Our colour separations have seen quite an improvement since we decided to implement your software. Much thanks.

King Printwear

Its amazing how many things the software does. We've had it now for a few moths and are still finding new ways to use it. I always considered myself good at Photoshop but UltraSeps has opened a new door for us especially with art we would consider hard to work with.

The Dezign Shop

Thank you.

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